Staging makes a difference

The number one thing I hear from sellers is that they don’t want to put another dime into their house.  They have already put so much money into it over the years and they are just done with it.  This is completely understandable.  However home staging is the icing on the cake to the work you have already done.  Take this home for instance:


The sellers decorated their home to their taste, which we ALL do.  They had decorated in a traditional style, which worked for them, but it was turning off home buyers.  When walking into the room it was very dark.  Red paint also scares buyers off because of the work that they know will need to be done in order to change it.  Here is the room after:

 livingafter2sold (2)

This home was on the market vacant for 2 years before staging.  After the recommendations by Bella Traverse Design and Home Staging, this home sold in 2 months!

While you don’t want to spend any more money on your property when you sell, isn’t it worth it to not have it sit on the market for so long?


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