My studio….on a major budget!!


Okay, so the photos didn’t turnout as well as I had hoped, but here they are.  This room was done for only $336!!!  I used things I already had, shopped Craigslist and made a trip to IKEA.  There are a few finishing touches I need to add, such as a rug and some candles.





Here is where the room started.  Typical room. White walls and blue plush carpet. 


 Bedroom 3 Empty2



 Because this room was done on a tight budget, I scoured the garage for paint.  I found a partial gallon of a soft green from my last house.  Luckily it was still good and even luckier I had just enough to get the room done.  The carpet was probably about 15 years old,so it had to go.  I have always wanted white floors in my studio and I found some at a great price at IKEA.  I will itemize my purchases later.

   I already had the drafting table, and I knew I wanted to place it under the window, flanked with bookcases.  I made a shopping list for IKEA (because it is a 3 hour drive each way, you have to go with a plan!!).  I wanted white bookcases.  While on IKEA’s website I found the perfect ones for about $70 each.  I decided to click over to Craigslist…..just in case.  The very newest post in furniture were the exact bookcases I wanted for only $15 each!!!  They were black instead of white, but they were only a year old and in perfect condition.  I removed the backs to let the paint color show through.

The next thing on my list were magazine file boxes.  I wanted these in white as well.  Guess what?? Sold out!  So again I had to settle on black.  But that’s ok.  Each bookcase has 4 of these boxes.  I also have some pink ones that I had bought on a past trip.  I did buy a few other accessories.  I found some black and white metal tins, and pillows with a similar pattern.  Then I found a cute pink blanket.  It was only $4,so might as well!!n I also purchased the black and white striped boxes to hold computer cd’s.  The little black “table” in front of the loveseat, used to be a TV stand in my son’s room. Great example of repurposing furniture!!  The candlesticks on top were purchased at yard sales if I remember correctly.  And the black candlesticks placed on my drafting table were “stolen” from my sister at our Christmas Party.We do a white elephant exchange.



Here is a breakdown of my budget:

Paint                                                  Free

Sofa                                                    Free

Light Fixture                                     Free

Candle Holders                                  Free

Shelves                                             30.00

Floors                                              180.00

  Window Treatments                      80.00

Magazine Files                               16.00

Pillows                                               26.00

Pink Blanket                                     4.00

Total                                              =336.00



Hello world!

Happy New Year!!!  My New Year’s Resolution is to kick my design and home staging business into high gear!  I think starting a blog and joining Twitter are a good start for day one.

The new year usually means two things….weight loss and/or organizing.  I think we will talk organization!  Dive into that guest bedroom that has morphed itself into the storage room. Or better yet….the basement!!!  Sounds scary huh?  I recently moved three rooms around in my home, including my design studio.  I had years of magazines and unfinished projects, screaming to be sorted.  It didn’t happen overnight,  but it’s finally done.  I will posts pics and tips on how I did it and how you can get organized too.

Stay tuned for affordable projects you can do to bring style to your home whether you are selling or staying:)