Organization….The paper trail




So on to our discussion about organizing.  I recently moved my studio from a large 15×18 space to an 11×12 space. This meant I had a lot of sorting and organizing to do in order to fit into the smaller room.  With any large space, where do you start????

One of my biggest challenges for any room in my home, are the papers.  Stacks and stacks of mail, magazines, kids artwork…….aahhhhhh.  So I decided to start with the magazines.  I recently made a trip to IKEA.  I was hoping to purchase several white magazine files.  Unfortunately they were all sold out, and I live almost 3 hours away from the store, so I decided to buy the black.


I actually have eight.  Four of them are on the side of the room.  I have not filled out the labels on them because I am trying to organize a bit further.  Now that the studio is done, and I have a little extra time, I am flipping  through the magazines and tearing out the actual articles I want to keep.  I have 3 large binders that I keep the tear outs in.


Another paper problem I have, are rolls of blueprints and renderings.  I did have them rolled up and stacked  on top of a drawer unit.  I needed to find a better solution.  A few years ago I purchased this white metal trash can.  I really didn’t need a can this large, so I emptied it and filled it with my drawings (after sorting of course:).