I’ve moved!!!!

Thank you to all of you that have followed my little blog!  I decided a few months ago to have my website and blog redesigned and kept all in one place.  I won’t be posting here any more, so please go check out my new digs at http://www.bellatraversedesign.com.  Thanks again!



My tagline reads “Inspiration”.  Inspiration can come from so many things.  It could be a piece of artwork, a color swatch, or something you found on Pinterest.  So what was the inspiration for my blog design? I wanted something that represented me and my style. The quatrefoil which I used as my background, is a pattern I have loved since I first saw it in my Art History class.  It’s a traditional feminine shape, but has a modern twist in its color.  I also have a comforter that I use in some of the homes I stage with this pattern.

The photo in my header is from another of my staging projects.  The font is City Blueprint, which I have used in several design and architectural classes.  My son has taken the background and the photo I wanted, and designed my blog for me.  I take credit for his creative gene:)

So what inspires you???

Before and afters of a staged home


I recently got some wonderful comments from a past home staging client…. 


It was a pleasure to work with Jamie! Our family had three weeks to get the house in order to move out-of-state for Dad’s new job. I called Jamie begging for help! She quickly rolled up her sleeves and got to work creating a “sellable” house. WOW! What a transformation! My ordinary home filled with all the artwork, toys, and clutter that accompanies four kids was now a beautifully staged house that would appeal to so many buyers. Jamie professionally created the WOW factor my house was missing! Staging with Bella Traverse Design was so good for me because Jamie had the ability to take on the stress of the house so I could focus on my family’s needs and saying my good-byes to loved ones!

Thanks Jamie for a job well done!

I strongly recommend hiring Jamie as your stager!
-Cathy C.



Here are a few photos from that home…

Foyer Before
Foyer Before


The foyer is where the homebuyers’ get their first impression.  Your entry should be uncluttered and un-personalized, yet inviting.  We achieved this by removing the coat rack on the wall that housed jackets and backpacks.  Seeing such personal items can make the buyers feel as though they are invading someone elses home, instead of picturing themselves living there.  A piece of artwork was hung on the wall to warm up the blank canvas.  A rug was placed on the floor, to draw you toward the kitchen.  As you can see, the clutter was removed from the refrigerator, which also helped with the look and feel in the foyer.


Living Room Before 



The living room is right off the foyer.  Since the back wall was already a nice pumpkin spice color, we staged the rest of the room to coordinate.    This room wasn’t furnished so I had to fill the entire room, and without spending a lot of money.  Most of the furnishings were found in other rooms, so I was able to spend the whole budget on the sofa and rug. 

The chairs were originally in the family room, and were updated with slip covers.  The pillows came with the sofa, but I repurposed them because they had an orange and blue print fabric, which tied the chairs and the window treatments together. I found the end table in the bedroom.  The artwork behind the chairs were originally on the opposing wall, with family photos.  I replaced the photos with some ornate scrapbook paper.

The artwork above the sofa was already in the room, but on smaller wall.  Because of the scale of the piece, it was better suited over the sofa.  I found the pillows at a buy one get one free sale.




My intention today was to post some pics of my studio.  I am learning about taking better photos, so I have been playing with my camera settings all day.  Because of the blizzard outside, no matter what I tried, the windows were showing up way too bright.  So instead I took a picture of my puppy.  He is enjoying his snowday on my leather club chair and french country pillow!!


Hello world!

Happy New Year!!!  My New Year’s Resolution is to kick my design and home staging business into high gear!  I think starting a blog and joining Twitter are a good start for day one.

The new year usually means two things….weight loss and/or organizing.  I think we will talk organization!  Dive into that guest bedroom that has morphed itself into the storage room. Or better yet….the basement!!!  Sounds scary huh?  I recently moved three rooms around in my home, including my design studio.  I had years of magazines and unfinished projects, screaming to be sorted.  It didn’t happen overnight,  but it’s finally done.  I will posts pics and tips on how I did it and how you can get organized too.

Stay tuned for affordable projects you can do to bring style to your home whether you are selling or staying:)